lpas auto manual plak~

umiiiiiii!! rse nk jerit g taw umi kat kay hell tuhhh... uwaaa.. ari tuhh da bwk kete auto... td kak long bwk kete manual... hahahahah!!! thnx nad..!!! seb bek kat pusat koQ tuhh x rmai org.. bleyh gak brkenalan dn Mr Clutch, Mdm Break, Miss Gear.. hahahahah.... pape pon... thnx r nad... aja aku bwk kete... still wondering when I'm gonna have those skills...

Still not sleeping

hahah..I'm still not sleeping till this morning.. urmm maybe just 10 minutes, I guess.. After I wrote my previous blog, it's allready azan and we are heading to MSI.. Then, i drove the car!!! OMG!!!! hahah.. 1st time bro.. spe x excited... cam nk jerit g taw : "Umi!!! kak long bwk kete!!! (auto laa.. hahah~ from kp till ktc..)" besttt thp gaban siot.. hahah.. thnx 2 lysa cuz giving me the peluang to drive the car.. hahah.. then, after subuh, we go straight to mcD... konon2 nk try breakfast mcD.. hahah.. pancakes mcD tuhh bleyh thn gak... sodap~ then on da way nk balek, I accidentally suggest, "jgn g Danga Bay plak pg2 bte ni ".. x taw plak si ecah tol2 g msok jln Danga Bay tuhh.. heh.. I've got 2 demo lab 2day.. then, traffic jam, ktorg patah blek UTM...mmg keje glerr.. hahah.. moral nye.... kalo dapat kete jgn bt keje glerr.. hahaah~

~not sleeping ~

I'ts 5.34 am and I'm still not fall into my bed yet?? and why was that? coz i've got programming project, database demo lab and HCI high fidelity presentation. Ohh God! When all of these gonna end? It's study week already and my study week gonna start officially on wednesday whic is late about 4 days from schedule. Sitting besides Lysa and watching Ecah charging her laptop on that side on this creepy morning surrounded by my little friends:Nyamuk!! .. arghh.. when all of these gonna end??


hhaha... mmg la awkward kalo tlis blog ble org taw spe kte.. cuz sblom ni kalo aku tlis blog x pkai nme sbnr.. hahah.. ni sumer sbb membe.. snggop bt blog nk follow dorg.. hahaha.. still.. AWKWARD~ lol..