Still not sleeping

hahah..I'm still not sleeping till this morning.. urmm maybe just 10 minutes, I guess.. After I wrote my previous blog, it's allready azan and we are heading to MSI.. Then, i drove the car!!! OMG!!!! hahah.. 1st time bro.. spe x excited... cam nk jerit g taw : "Umi!!! kak long bwk kete!!! (auto laa.. hahah~ from kp till ktc..)" besttt thp gaban siot.. hahah.. thnx 2 lysa cuz giving me the peluang to drive the car.. hahah.. then, after subuh, we go straight to mcD... konon2 nk try breakfast mcD.. hahah.. pancakes mcD tuhh bleyh thn gak... sodap~ then on da way nk balek, I accidentally suggest, "jgn g Danga Bay plak pg2 bte ni ".. x taw plak si ecah tol2 g msok jln Danga Bay tuhh.. heh.. I've got 2 demo lab 2day.. then, traffic jam, ktorg patah blek UTM...mmg keje glerr.. hahah.. moral nye.... kalo dapat kete jgn bt keje glerr.. hahaah~

2 Response to "Still not sleeping"

  1. miss K says:
    March 29, 2010 at 6:32 PM

    gilew r ini org bwk kete..wehehe..but well done gain experiences u d way,that 10 mins when u fall asleep might felt heaven since u nganga luas2 while u sleep!!!wakakaka

  2. Nur Aatieqa says:
    March 31, 2010 at 8:43 AM

    OMG?? Am I nganga the mulut luas2..?? hahah..I dont know that.. maybe it's because of my braces.. not my fault... hahahah~

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