~the E.N.D of first year~

yezz... finally.... aku pnye exam sudh FINISH... yeah... btw, lpe plak nk snap pic blek2 org yg tgh STUDY MANIAC.. it's ok.. I'll do that in 2nd year.. argghh.. feels like wanna jump from the balcony.. lol.. seriously? hahah.. let me see.. for the past 2 weeks, I only drink nescafe.. but not as good as my umi's coffee.. thank god there's only 1 packet left in my locker.. heheh.. If my friend go to arked or whteva kdai makan, they'll know wht I want.. no need for me to remind then wht I want: nescafe.. starting from now,I'm gonna get rid from it..urgh.. huhu.. i have a really fun time studying last minute with my friends Ecah & Lysa where, they will walk to K11 ni becuz nk stay up late smpi subuh.. then we got back 2gether early in the morning to KTF.. keep studying last minute till the exam start in the evening.. uhh.. miss that moment.. (are you kidding.. lol~)
I've finish the last paper today and it is the first and last frustrated paper 4 me.. Look.. for the past 5 papers that i've been answered, aku x pnah tdoq pon.. haiyah... paper ari ni buleyh plak ter tdoq.. aiseymen.. parah2... and FYI, result titas ngn software engineering sudaaa kuar.. haiyakk.. ble tgk result software.. uwaaaaaaa~ u'll know how much aku nyesal sbb men2 ngn carry mark.. the worst is the test... huaaarggghh... i swear I'll never ever play with my carry mark anymore.. huargghhh~
I can't sleep 2night cuz I can wait 2 see my sis and bro.. I know when i get back home my umi's coffee gonna wait 4 me.. yeah... xsaba2...!! then, when i get back to KL, PC fair is waiting for me and I've got a lot of stuff tht I wanna buy.. yea~

2 Response to "~the E.N.D of first year~"

  1. miss K says:
    April 15, 2010 at 5:19 PM

    yeah..picom..wait for us!!!n the moment when we sty up together shall never be forgot especially when we gone crazy and hungry pagi2 buta tu..hahaha

  2. Striker says:
    April 15, 2010 at 10:15 PM

    hahha.. Lisa.. btol2.. Malu aku nanges2 lak.. wakakaka.. Mcm kena perli pn ad.. sbb lapar sgt.. tup2 ada 10 roti canai.. haha.. pnt nk mkn.. hik9..

    tQa, miss the moment very much.. Hope that the memory will stay forever in each of us..

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