Smiling on the Outside, Bleeding on the Inside.

Of course the are some reasons why I don't wanna go back and refused to work with them. Hell, I'm smiling on the outside and bleeding on the inside. I'm tired doing that. After being treated like a fool, now they are expecting me to leave all those shit things behind. Hell, I wish I could but I just can't. At least, try to make an explanation or apologize to me. It wouldn't kill if you try it. I'll try to except whatever ridiculous shit that you are trying to explain. Yet, they are still shitting around and trying to avoid me. I've got about 2 years with them. maybe this time i can escape from looking at that damn douche bags but what about next semester? It hurts when looking at the people who hurts us, you know. How did they manage it? Shitting around without regret and guilty? How dare they talking to me like nothing happened, with their big fake smile and stupid lies? We all gonna live in the same building, and one of them is my course mate. See? I still call her my course mate despite what she have done to me. I guess I have to follow the flow of the game. Oh God! I don't know how to explain my feeling when I saw that damn b*****d. How could they do that to me? I was stabbed behind my back. Damn! It was my first experience though. I don't how easily they do that to me. Maybe they have too many experience on stabbing behind people's back. Who knows? Seemed like they do the work on me professionally, without regret and guilty.

Don't read - boring -

It's 4.31 am and I'm still not sleeping.. And why is that? I just don't know... Yeay..! malam ni de game spain.. uwaaa~ x saba der nk tgk torres, fabregas ngan sumer geng2 spain tuhh maen dowh.. Nk cter pe lg? game spain pon lom setat bru tgk kaka men.. 2-1... seb bek brazil mng... aku nk gak tgk pas ni POR vs BRA.. nk rse jgak game dorg nnt hangat ke x...

Lg? What should I write? tell me cuz I don't any single damn freaking idea... aha! Bru smalam aku bkk page membe skola aku dlu - ed.. die bru upload pic die mse kat London... wey best siot... tgk pic die kat Museum Madame Tussauds enjoy gler... g jejalan.. mne taw tetibe leyh trserempak ngn mne2 football player.. (dorg bz ngn FIFA la..)..nth ble la aku dpt pegi? mimpi la~ ahahaha..

Lg? nk tulis ape? haa.. yesterday, aku finally habiskn series vampire diaries tuhh.. addicted dowh.. ble tgk last episod die tuh... tekanan jiwe aku dibuatnyer.. ahahah.. sound silly though~ mne x nye.. org kalo last episode tuhh bg la happy ending ke ape.. paling kurang pon sad ending ke.. ini x.. ade ke patut die bg ending trgantung? same mcm ending supernatural season 4 dlu.. ending trgantung.. grrr~ seb bek supernatural season 5 da buleyh di download.. tggl lg bpe episode je nk abes.. yg cter vampire diaries niyh, season 2 pnye lom kua.. argghh~ tensen2... bnyk sgt cter yg buat kte addict.. same mcm chuck season 3.. ending trgantung! gram nyerrr.. season 4 nye lom kua agy.. lmbat lg... argh.. seb bek da nk abes cti...  

Seriously, I don't know how did I wrote till here although I've mention that I don't have any freaking idea.. lol.. I think it's enough for now.. ciao~

E.M.P.T.Y aka Hati Kering

These are the series that I'm following right now:
1. Chuck (Season 1,2,3) - getting better and better for every season. Can't wait for the next season!
2. Gossip Girl (Season 1,2,3) - Season 1 : wow!, season 2: hmm, season 3: tired of these dramas.
3. The Vampire Diaries (Season 1) - the Salvatores are hot!
4. Supernatural (Season1,2,3,4,5) -the Winchesters are hot too! done until season 5, when it's gonna be season 6?
5. ER (don't know what season) - just doctor conflict. Ok though.
6. Sonny With a Chance (Season 1) -Disney channel series. Demi Lovato knows how to make us laugh.
7. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (latest season on aXn) : the story getting darker and darker. BTW, Sarah Sidle character is back.
8. CSI: NY (latest season on aXn) : okay season.
9. Desperate Housewives (unknown season) : neighborhood conflict.
10. Leverage (season 2) - funny thieves.
11. House MD (latest season on aXn) - the most cruel doctor.