Don't miss your chance

I just finished having a little chat with my classmates. Lysa told me that she's writing something on her blog. Bright idea. I should do the same. Yet I don't have single freaking idea what to write about? Damn, where's the idea? C'mon. Think. Think. Think.
Okay. Here it comes. It was 2 days ago, on Wednesday. I was supposed to meet Lysa at the Wangsa Maju Train Station. I was on my way to get the train. Then I saw a guy who caught my eye. It's not like he's hot or what? His face seemed familiar. He's my schoolmate. Back in the school, we never speaks to each other. Then, to conform that he is my school mate, I take a sneak peak to look at him, while waiting the train. I try to look again and then he turned back at look at me. That face shows "she's my school mate.", I bet you he was saying that when he looked at me. Too bad his train arrived and we are going on the opposite direction. Urghh.. I wish I was on the same train with him, so I can do this, "mcm kenal la? dlu skola Pdang Tembak kan?".. Yeah, I wish. LOL. Then,my train arrived. As i was standing waiting for the door to open, there was a guy inside the train who was waiting on the same door.He was inside and I was on the outside confronted on each other on the same door. I knew him. He's my schoolmate. And I was "What should i do?". Well guess what? I do nothing! damn~ then took a seat. I saw another guy. He was my school mate too. My phone rang, it was Lysa. As I talked to Lysa, I looked at him and he was looking at me too. I know he knew me. It's just he was going out from the train and the train moved away. I think if we were in the same train, I'm sure we will have a small chit chat. Damn it!! I miss a lot of chances on that day!

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  1. miss K says:
    July 8, 2010 at 12:39 PM

    ahaks..mentang2 la ensem..uit ko post dlo..cis!

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