I've got an interesting idea. the idea is simple. senyumlah.. senyum itu akn mengelakkan diri anda dari diperkatakan berlagak sombong.. siyes.. i've been through it... okay.. the situation happened early in the morning.. when I saw one of my friend (she's not in my course).. okay, i smiled, waved and said "hi"... three simple elements that you will do if you meet your friends : smile, wave, say "hi".. if we hate someone so much, at least smile back.. c'mon.. i mean i looked like an idiot when she didn't say anything, smile or wave back.. in fact, she turn and make that stupid sombong face.. how awful is that?! huh.. tuhh blom lagi kalo ade jawatan tggi cket ke.. ni da POYO semacam ble jmpe org.. anyway, my prinsip is, when people smile at us (even though we hate her/him or we don't know her/him), we smile back.. don't you know that senyum itu sedekah? when we meet peolple, even we don't know her/him, we should smile... that is the least that we can do.. I don't know what she think if she read this blog.. hopefully she will read it.. so that boleyh la sedar diri siket.. kat UTM ni kite same2 student.. there is no right for her to become stupidly sombong to the other.. even if, I repeat, IF she have any other jawatan kat mane2 organization kat dalam UTM ni pon, she have no rights to become sombong.. hey, I've got kwn from MPP UTM laaa.. c'mon.. boleyh brtegur sape.. siap tego aku dlu... stakat dgn perangai sombong tuhh, x pegi mane nye pon.. kalo die ank buah yg kene pimpin, xkn nk sombong kot?? huh? tryla to be sombong to your anak buah if you have any jawatan at all.. you'll lost their respect.. and nobody will wants to be under your leadership if you are sombong.. the fact is, after what she did to me, she has lost my respect.. if she have any jwtn or wht, i'll follow her order BUT the respect from me to her does not exist anymore..

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  1. miss K says:
    July 13, 2010 at 8:57 AM

    hoho..ak jmpe ko lg nak paling muke..ha.ha.ha(evil laugh)

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